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We believe everyone should have access to mobility. Catchride is Ahmedabad based company whose goal is to make mobility service easy and affordable. We provide vehicle as per your ordinance. Book your ride for hourly, daily or monthly basis. We provide vehicle with safety and with pocket friendly price.

Why catch..?

It's easy to secure a ride for your own rather than waiting for cab to arrive. Access your rides with three easy steps. We provide helmet for rider's safety. We have list of payment options. add We charge you on the basis of kms, only pay how much you ride with no extra fuel cost.


Hourly Rental

Rent our vehicle on hourly basis starting at 5 rupees per km including petrol, no extra.

Long Term

Rent a vehicle for as short as 1 day to up to 30 days and so on. Extend your booking from the app or on call.


Hourly Rental

 ₹5 km.

Pay As You Go

  •  5rs/km
  •  Includes Petrol
  •  ₹5/Extra KMs
  •  ₹ 500 Deposit Amount
  •   Deposit Refundable
  •   KM included
  •  T&C*Apply

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1 days Rental


Daily Saver

  •  Only 199 rs/Day
  •  100 km Include
  •  ₹ 2/Extra KMs
  •  ₹ 500 Deposit Amount
  •   Deposit Refundable
  •   KM included
  •  T&C*Apply

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7 days Rental


1400 Rs

  •  700 km Included
  •  2/Extra KMs
  •  ₹1000 Deposit Amount
  •   Deposit Refundable
  •  T&C*Apply

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15 Day Rental


3000 Rs.

  •  1000 km Included
  •  2/Extra KMs
  •  ₹1000 Deposit Amount
  •   Deposit Refundable
  •  T&C*Apply

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We are a proud team of combined talent from designing to developing. With a sole purpose of creating a user friendly and most affordable travel solution. We are:

Ajay S.

Senior Laravel Developer

Sanjay T.



We proudly stand for our commitment for our user community and to help as many people as we can by providing our service. However, for further assistance, we are our both ears to you. Write us and our customer executive will get in touch to understand your requirement.


A11 5th,Ajanta Complex, Ashram Road, Income-Tax,Ahmedabad,Gujrat


+91 9023400538


Catch is an independent scooter ride where user can rent a scooter for ride and return it to nearest drop off point from his current location after the ride is complete.
Easy! We give you a scooter on rent for you to ride. We don’t take your privacy away and we offer a freedom of preferred routes of our users.
Are you living in Ahmedabad? Great! We are somewhere nearby your current location. Please tap the app and it will tell you where to Catch from. If we are far from you then we will soon launch our services close to your place. Please subscribe to our newsletters and stay updated.
Please check in the app and it will give your nearest Catch point location.
User can ride it to anywhere but must bring it back to the same city from where it was originally picked up and normal charges are applicable for such rides as explained fare above


Let us ask you a question, are you over 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s licence? If the answer is yes, then yes, you’re eligible. Please download our application today and let us complete your signup process fast.
Follow 3 easy steps. Download our app, upload your driver’s licence and a selfie and the rest we will do for you. We promise that soon will send you a notification after the above steps completed.
Catch will be reserved for 20 minutes from your booking confirmation so that rider gets enough time to reach the pickup point.
Good question. We understand your need so will let you keep Catch with you for as long as you need. We charge per ride and the total time user keeps scooter with him. Please see below on how charged are calculated
That is exactly what Catch is for. Book your ride and go where you want to go and return Catch scooter at your nearest Catch point so that we can keep it ready for future use


Two is a good number. We do not allow more than 2 people in total when riding with Catch
We always make sure user has a safe ride and therefore the max speed limit is 70 and pen alty of 300 Rs will be applicable for the violation of the road rule.
Catch always carries helmet for users Safety.
Please open the trunk and helmet will be there for your safety service.
We are trying our best to look after our users and their safety. If there’s no helmet in the trunk then kindly inform us of this and we will help you to sort this out and make sure our highest safety standards are maintained.
Catch does not take responsibility in such cases. However, if you’re involved in an accident, please contact our support team asap and we will advise you what to do next. Charges are still applicable.


Catch takes total of 500 Rs as a security amount during your trip booking. Don’t worry! Your deposit is returned within 1 hour of your trip is completed
Wisely asked! We don’t charge anything upfront. What we charge is 5 rupees per kilometre and 25 paise per minute. So, total time user keeps Catch with him and total kilometres rode on Catch.
Easy! There’re different payment gateways including Paytm and credit card. Please refer the payment section in menu bar in the app.
Don’t worry. Catch will be mostly filled with fuel. But if you’re going for a long trip and the fuel is not enough then please refill it and send us the Printed receipt and we will reimburse your fuel amount.
Not at all. Catch will never ask you to pay extra for the fuel. Trip fare already includes fuel charges.
We ask you apologise for any inconvenience cause. In such cases, we have introduced a special fuelling offer. Please refuel the bike for up to 100 Rs in Catch wallet. Terms and conditions apply below:
• User must submit printed fuel receipt before ending the trip
• Fuel time must be within your ride time
• Cashback will be added in Catch wallet only and will be used for the future trips only
• One fuel receipt for one day will be applicable
Please get the tyre fixed and Catch will not be responsible
for any refund as such as this does not fall under maintenance issues.
No, you Don't Need To Pay Anything For Your Cancelled Ride. You Can Book Your Next Ride Instantly.


You are responsible for any fine or penalty during your trip with Catch. Catch has no obligation in such circumstances.
We will highly recommend to park only where it is safe to. Catch does take any responsibility and neither reimburses anything for any road rules or parking violation.
Please treat this as you treat your own vehicle. If something happens that caused damage to the vehicle then please take responsibility and let us know of any.

Terms & Conditions

This is a contractual agreement between and user (that is, you/ yourself). Here Catch word is used as a brand name of the company. Therefore, in this agreement, when term used “You” means user and catch is used for the service provider registered under the name of Zero 21 Pvt Ltd.

  • By clicking below on “I agree” button user (you, yourself, user) agrees into an electric record that as per the Information Technology Act 2000 and including its amendments till date. This is an electric contract and, hence, no physical sign is required.
  • By clicking on “I agree” button you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to our terms and agreement prior to using our service and you confirm that you will stand firm to your obligation should any of the below events occurred and the terms and conditions will be active upon its acceptance by user before use of our service.
  • If you do not agree, please be aware that you will not be grant the access and hence our service will not be available for you to use. Catch reserves all the rights for any amendment from time to time and, therefore, encourages riders to read our terms and conditions from time to time
  • Any document conflicting between rider agreement and any other document with company’s any other document, rider’s agreement will override any such document unless otherwise set forth by the company in a written consent.
  • Catch does not and will never entertain any discrimination on the basis of caste, age, race or gender.
  • Catch service is approved only for authorised used by the company and any, henceforth, unauthorised rider is strictly prohibited from using catch scooter at any given time.
  • Catch service is approved only for authorised used by the company and any, henceforth, unauthorised rider is strictly prohibited from using catch scooter at any given time.
  • In the event of expiry of driver’s licence or any revocation catch must be informed immediately via email informing of this.
  • By signing up for the use of catch service, rider must complete KYC and supply supporting documents in order to comply with the road rule act. Catch will check user’s licence history and reserves full rights to suspend or cancel catch membership of any rider , not meeting catch’s compliance requirements.
  • Rider understands the importance of notifying catch of any licence cancellation or revocation of the his/ her driving licence or any infringement in relation to violating traffic rule including but not limited to riding without safety helmet, riding under the influence of alcohol or any drugs, speeding, riding through the red traffic light, while on the phone or texting. Being aware of any such kind of criminal charges catch fully reserves the rights to terminate the membership of the rider without any prior consent to user. User will be warned for the first time and, hence, repeating offenders will be terminated access and will not be given access for the future use of catch service.
  • By accepting Terms and Conditions, rider agrees to provide accurate information including but not limited to mobile number, email address, driver’s licence and any additional documents required to use catch service and user understands the obligation to notify catch of any change should occur.
  • Rider understands confidentiality and hence will keep login details of catch service and will not share OTP or password to any other person and any unauthorised access rider will be solely responsible should this happen

As above mentioning, Catch is strictly for the authorised and booked person. Below conditions apply to the users of catch service and highly restricted,

Speeding or racing, competition

For use of pushing, towing or railing any other vehicle irrespective of the other vehicle is of Catch

Blocking any public roads or traffic

Use of transporting people or any economic benefit by any delivering service to third party

Offering scooter any third person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly restricted and Catch will never tolerate should such event occurred.

Dropping vehicle anywhere other than catch pickup and drop off locations

In the carrying out of any illegal or criminal activity

Riding catch vehicle and using mobile phone during your journey and Catch does not take any responsibility for any such fine occurred

Use of catch vehicle to transport any illegal or hazardous thing, irrespective of its amount

Transporting more than two people in total

Riding outside designated zone and, thus, will be considered the violation of the terms and agreement

Henceforth, any unacceptable, unwarranted, illegal, unethical or inappropriate use of a Catch vehicle other than the use of personal travel, as determined by Catch in its sole discretion, may be deemed a violation of these terms and conditions and will be reported to the authorities if any Catch vehicle or other activities that are in violation of local, state or national law or in violation of these terms and conditions.

For any purpose other than travel and for which purpose was originally hired by user. Catch vehicle must not be used or taken outside its designated city areas or dropped off anywhere other than catch pick up and drop off locations. The trip on catch vehicle is limited for the same city from where the vehicle was picked and must be dropped back in the same city’s any nearest pick up and drop off point. User can drop vehicle any pick up and drop off point, however, the drop off point must be in the same city where the vehicle was picked up. For example, if user has picked up scooter from Ahmedabad then it must be dropped off any nearest location in Ahmedabad. Drop off location can be any nearest location. But it must be in the same city. Therefore, user can not drop the vehicle in Gandhinagar or any other city than Ahmedabad. Failure to comply with terms and conditions will be immediately terminated and no future service will be to avail him/ her. Additionally, user will be solely liable for any lose, damage (direct/ indirect), associated costs or any charges incurred by catch resulting violating terms and conditions of the catch agreement and rider will be required to fully indemnify catch. Moreover, the rider agrees unconditionally that any catch reserves the right the remedial action to recover incurred loss or damage cost including but not limited to rider’s properties, including but not limited to his/her legal heirs/ representative’s properties. The costs and expenses involved in the losses/ damage suffered by Catch on account of immobilizing the vehicle as well as towing/ restoring the vehicle as well as any related costs and expenses shall be solely to the account of the Rider, and the Rider shall be required to fully indemnify Catch on this account. Catch expressly asserts that its Services are not solicited nor intend to be solicited to people under the age of 18 or not complying with catch’s terms and conditions with valid KYC documents and so forth.

Reservation is mandatory in advance in order to use catch service as well as rider must carry a valid driver’s licence under the name the ride was booked and present it to the representative upon formally requested by catch representative. For more information or any question, please contact

Privacy & Policy

This Pricay Policy is about the subsidiary company of Zero 21 Travels (OPC) PVT LTD, known as Catchride. This is a virtual legal contract between a user or any other third party intending directly/ indirectly to use company’s two-wheeler rental service. The companyhas built the Catchride app as a Free app. This app is provided by Catchride at no cost and is intended for use as is with disclosed terms and conditions on company’s website. We would encourage every registered and existing user as well as intending to use in the future to learn our T&Cs before using our service. However, we also encourage to stay updated by frequently visiting our regular updates on our Privacy Policy page along with T&Cs.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service. If you choose to use our Service, then you must agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving our Service from time to time. We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy except in some special circumstances such as any sort of a legal matter. The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, which is accessible at Catchride unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy.

For a better experience, while using our Service, we may require you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information, including but not limited to Camera,Gallery, location permission etc. The information that we request will be retained by us and used as described in this privacy policy. The app does use third party services that may collect information used to identify you. Link to privacy policy of third party service providers used by the app • Google Play Services

We want to inform you that whenever you use our Service, in a case of an error in the app we collect data and information (through third party products) on your phone called Log Data. This Log Data may include information such as your device Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, device name, operating system version, current location, the configuration of the app when utilizing our Service, the time and date of your use of the Service, and other statistics.

Cookies are files with a small amount of data that are commonly used as anonymous unique identifiers. These are sent to your browser from the websites that you visit and are stored on your device's internal memory. This Service does not use these “cookies” explicitly. However, the app may use third party code and libraries that use “cookies” to collect information and improve their services. You have the option to either accept or refuse these cookies and know when a cookie is being sent to your device. If you choose to refuse our cookies, you may not be able to use this app Service.

We may employ third-party companies and individuals due to the following reasons: • To facilitate our Service; • To provide the Service on our behalf; • To perform Service-related services; or • To assist us in analyzing how our Service is used. • To improve our service in the future etc. We want to inform users of this Service that these third parties have access to your Personal Information. The reason is to perform the tasks assigned to them on our behalf. However, they are obligated not to disclose or use the information for any other purpose.

We value your trust in providing us your Personal Information, thus we are striving to use commercially acceptable means of protecting it. But remember that no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage is 100% secure and reliable, and we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

This Service may contain links to other sites. If you click on a third-party link, you will be directed to that site. Note that these external sites are not operated by us. Therefore, we strongly advise you to review the Privacy Policy of these websites. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party sites or services.

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Thus, you are advised to review this page periodically for any changes. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page. This policy is effective as of 01-01-2021

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at