Catch is an independent scooter ride where user can rent a scooter for ride and return it to nearest drop off point from his current location after the ride is complete.
Easy! We give you a scooter on rent for you to ride. We don’t take your privacy away and we offer a freedom of preferred routes of our users.
Are you living in Ahmedabad? Great! We are somewhere nearby your current location. Please tap the app and it will tell you where to Catch from. If we are far from you then we will soon launch our services close to your place. Please subscribe to our newsletters and stay updated.
Please check in the app and it will give your nearest Catch point location.
User can ride it to anywhere but must bring it back to the same city from where it was originally picked up and normal charges are applicable for such rides as explained fare above

User Guide

Let us ask you a question, are you over 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s licence? If the answer is yes, then yes, you’re eligible. Please download our application today and let us complete your signup process fast.
Follow 3 easy steps. Download our app, upload your driver’s licence and a selfie and the rest we will do for you. We promise that soon will send you a notification after the above steps completed.
Catch will be reserved for 20 minutes from your booking confirmation so that rider gets enough time to reach the pickup point.
Good question. We understand your need so will let you keep Catch with you for as long as you need. We charge per ride and the total time user keeps scooter with him. Please see below on how charged are calculated
That is exactly what Catch is for. Book your ride and go where you want to go and return Catch scooter at your nearest Catch point so that we can keep it ready for future use


Two is a good number. We do not allow more than 2 people in total when riding with Catch
We always make sure user has a safe ride and therefore the max speed limit is 70 and penalty of 300 Rs will be applicable for the violation of the road rule.
Catch always carries helmet for our users. Please spot the helmet in the trunk.
Please open the trunk and helmet will be there for your safety service.
We are trying our best to look after our users and their safety. If there’s no helmet in the trunk then kindly inform us of this and we will help you to sort this out and make sure our highest safety standards are maintained.
Catch does not take responsibility in such cases. However, if you’re involved in an accident, please contact our support team asap and we will advise you what to do next. Charges are still applicable.

Pricing& Charges

Catch takes total of 300 Rs as a security amount during your trip booking. Don’t worry! Your deposit is returned within 1 hour of your trip is completed
Wisely asked! We don’t charge anything upfront. What we charge is 4 rupees per kilometre and 25 paise per minute. So, total time user keeps Catch with him and total kilometres rode on Catch.
Easy! There’re different payment gateways including Paytm and credit card. Please refer the payment section in menu bar in the app.
Don’t worry. Catch will be mostly filled with fuel. But if you’re going for a long trip and the fuel is not enough then please refill it and send us the Printed receipt and we will reimburse your fuel amount with extra 20% on a thank you note.
Not at all. Catch will never ask you to pay extra for the fuel. Trip fare already includes fuel charges.
We ask you apologise for any inconvenience cause. In such cases, we have introduced a special fuelling offer. Please refuel the bike for up to 100 Rs and get 20% more cashback as in Catch wallet. Terms and conditions apply below:
  • • User must submit printed fuel receipt before ending the trip
  • • Fuel time must be within your ride time
  • • Cashback will be added in Catch wallet only and will be used for the future trips only
  • • One fuel receipt for one day will be applicable
Please get the tyre fixed and Catch will not be responsible for any refund as such as this does not fall under maintenance issues.

Legal and Compliance

You are responsible for any fine or penalty during your trip with Catch. Catch has no obligation in such circumstances.
We will highly recommend to park only where it is safe to. Catch does take any responsibility and neither reimburses anything for any road rules or parking violation.
Please treat this as you’d treat your own vehicle. If something happens that caused damage to the vehicle then please take responsibility and let us know of any.


Vinod Thakkar

Founder - Catchride